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Umaid bhawan palace
Umaid bhawan palace is located in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. This palace is known to be on the list of largest private residencies. This palace has around 347 rooms in it. This palace was the principal residence of Jodhpur royal family. 
The decision to make Umaid Bhawan Palace was done on 18 november 1929. This was done by maharaja umaid singh. The construction work of this palace was done in 1943. Jcr Cab make your trip more easy book now Car Hire Rajastha or your exiciting trip. 

Umaid Bhawan Palace is also awarded as the World’s best hotel organized by TripAdvisor. 

History of Umaid Bhawan Palace 
The history of this palace relates itself to a curse by a saint. He said that drought will follow the rule of Rathore Dynasty. As the reign of Pratap singh ended after 50years, Jodhpur suffered drought as well as famine for 3years. 
The farmers of Jodhpur went to ask for help from Maharaja Umaid Singh, the 37th Rathore ruler of Marwar. They asked him to provide them some employment options so that they can cope up with the conditions of the drought.

The Maharaja to help out the farmers thought for building a lavish palace in Jodhpur. The architect  Henry Vaughan Lanchester started designing it on the base of new delhi and adopted the design of latest domes and columns. This palace was a combination of Indian architectural features and the western technology. 

This palace is a Top attraction in Jodhpur which was built slowly as the first objective to make it was to offer employment opportunities to the farmers. The foundation was started in 1929 which engaged around 2-3000 farmers in the construction of this palace. Around ₹11 million was the estimated cost of this palace. This palace was known to be one of the largest Royal residences in the world. For Smooth movement book Cab Service in Jodhpur that gives you the ongate service.

Features of Umaid Bhawan Palace
This palace has three parts- the royal family’s residence, luxury taj palace hotel as well as a Museum
which focused on the history of the Jodhpur’s royal family in the 20th century.
- The wing of the hotel is managed by the Taj Group of hotels.
- The museum showcases the stuffed leopards, symbolic flag which the Queen gifted to Maharaja. The collection of vintage cars is also displayed to you. 

Umaid Bhawan Palace Architecture
This palace is built in an area of 26acred with around 15acres of gardens inside it. The palace has throne chambers, private meeting hall, a banquet hall, Darbar hall for public meetings, a ballroom, library, swimming pool, dining halls, billiards room, marble squash courts and long passages. 
The central dome of Umaid Bhawan Palace is the blue inner dome. The major attraction of this
palace is the inner vaulted dome which is of 103feet in height and the outer dome is around 43feet height. 

The entrance of this palace welcomes you with the coat of arms of the Royal Rathore Family. The entry takes you to the lavishly designed lobby having the black granite flooring. 

The main architecture of this palace is a combination of the Indo-Saracenic Classical Revival as well as the Western art deco styles. A famous architectural historian had commented that this palace is the finest example of Indo-deco. 

Visitor Information for Umaid bhawan palace
- This palace is known for its architectural and historical heritage.
- The entrance fee per person is ₹30 for Indians and ₹100 for foreigners. For kids of age 5-11 years, they are charges ₹10. 
- You can visit this palace from morning 10 am to evening 4:30pm.
- Do not forget to take along your cameras as you are allowed to capture the palace. 
- You can see the collection of vintage cars and clocks in the museum. Along with it you will see the Art-deco interior of the palace.
- Explore the artistic murals, the miniature paintings inside this palace. 
- There are English and Hindi speaking guides available in the palace to make your visit an amazing experience. 
Best time to visit Umaid Bhawan Palace
Visiting Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur in winters or between the months of October and March is the perfect time. 

Local sightseeing in the City Jodhpur
There are many sights which you can explore being in Jodhpur. There are several famous
attractions in Jodhpur which will make you busy and will amaze you with its history and creativity.
Let us have a look at some of the best places: 

- Mehrangarh Fort: Visiting this fort will be a good choice for you as it has amazing views as it rises above the city with a height of 400ft. This fort has enclosed several palaces which are famous for its intricate carvings, courtyards, beautiful galleries and balconies and the ornamented private residencies.    This fort is famous for museum which shows you the royalty in its paintings. An adventurous activity which is The flying fox is a zipline activity which will engage you much. You can visit this palace in between 7am to 5pm. 

- Bishnoi village safari: This village has got many tourist attractions as it showcases the village life beautifully. This safari was arranged by Chhotaram Prajapati who was a weaver. He wanted his village qualities to get major attractions because of the specialities. This village shows you its culture, wildlife as well as art and crafts. You will explore the tribal India with the amazing panoramas of the village. 

- Jaswant Thada: This cenotaph is a white marble cenotaph which was built in the memory of Maharaja Jaswant Singh II. This cenotaph is only a kilometre away from the Famous Mehrangarh Fort. The beautifully carved marble domes shine after the reflection of evening and morning sunrays. 

Jodhpur is a city with fantastic local sightseeing places. If you are planning to come to Rajasthan, then do not miss this city for exploring the beautiful sights. 

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